• Collateral Damage

    Consists of some of the busiest session guys in NYC. For 15 years, they’ve been hosting the Uptown Jam–for some periods every week, more recently every month, gradually assembling the rockingest band in NYC and the area.

    But in addition to rock, they are well-versed in nearly any style of music which, of course, is necessary to rock properly.From jazz to country, funk to punk, to styles they invent themselves.




    ,As well as the Uptown Jam, Jim Wacker & Collateral Damage plays a lot of concerts, parties, recording sessions, weddings, divorces—potentially any place folks want to have fun. They can rock more songs than any 3 bands combined.

    They also do tribute nights of other bands and genres, like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Clapton, Allman Brothers, Motown, Country, and once for the year 1957 [they called themselves the “’57 Chevy’s”] It’s a fun band.

    They’ve appeared all over.  The Westport[Ct.] Levitt Pavillion [last 4  years], Lincoln Center, the P&G in NYC, Big Billy’s in Mt.Vernon,  JC Fogarty’s in Bronxville [many times], Bambu in Portchester, Jonny’s on Fifth in Pelham, Keenan’s and Dorney Malone’s both on Broadway, in NYC, Bubba’s in Ardsley, Danny Mac’s in Yonkers, and many other places

  • Songlist

    Here’s a short list of songs Jim Wacker and Collateral Damage enjoy playing:

    634 5789—B, C—–Sam & Dave

    867 5309—-F#— Tommy Tutone

    After Midnight—a—Eric Clapton

    Ain’t Too Proud—c—Temptations

    Ain’t That a Shame—A–Fat’s Domino

    All Right Now—a———-Free

    All Shook Up————-A–Elvis Presl

    Baby It’s You—G—Shirrelles

    Back in the USSR—-A(E7)—Beatles

    Be My Baby –C— Ronettes

    Beast of Burden——-Rolling Stones

    Black Magic Woman-Dm—-Santana

    Blueberry Hill—-C(F)—–Fats Domino

    Bobby McGee—g,a-Janis Joplin,

    Boogie Oogie Oogie—–dm—Chic

    Boys [the] Are Back—A– Thin Lizzie

    Breeze [the]—–A—-Lynard Skynard

    Bring it on Home—A–Willie Dixon

    Brown Eyed Girl—G–Van Morrison

    Brown Sugar——–C—-Rolling Stones

    Can’t Get enough of Yr Love—C–Bad Co.

    Can’t You See– D– Marshal Tucker

    CC Rider———E———–Ma Raney

    Come Together—-Dm— Beatles

    Crazy—Bb———Gnarls Barkley


    Dancing in the Street—C–Martha Reeves

    Day Tripper—E—Beatles

    Dead Flowers—-C—Stone

    Devil with the Blue Dress—C–Mitch Ryder

    Dock of the Bay —G–Otis Redding

    Don’t Be Cruel———A——-Elvis Presley

    Evil Ways—Am—Santana

    Feeling Alright–C—-Joe Cocker

    Fire—D—Pointer Sisters

    Flip, Flop and Fly—C

    Fly Away—Am—Lenny Kravits

    Further on Up the Road-

    Get Back———–g—————–Beatles

    Get Ready———–g————–4 Tops

    Gimme Some Lovin-e—-Spencer Davis

    Good Love —c———-Rascals

    Good Times Bad Times-e–Led Zeppelin

    Grapevine—g—Marvin Gaye

    Great Balls of Fire—–c——–JL Lewis

    Great Pretender—-Eb—Drifters

    Green Impala—— Wiedenhammer

    Hard to Handle—-a—Wilson Pickett

    Have You Ever Seen the Rain?–c-CCR

    Hey Good Looking—-E–Hank Williams

    Hit the Road Jack—am—Ray Charles

    Honky Tonk Woman—–g——-Stones

    House of the Rising Sun—am—Animals

    How Sweet it is –c—Marvin Gaye

    I Feel Good—c-James Brown

    I Second that Emotion—a—miracles

    I Shot the Sheriff—g—-Marley, Clapton

    Ì Used to Love Her But —e

    I’m a Believer—g—Neil Diamond

    I’m Going Down—g—Jeff Beck

    I’m Walkin’—g—-Fats Domino

    Imagine—c—John Lennon

    Jailhouse Rock—d—-Elvis Presley

    Jumpin’ Jack Flash—b—Stone

    Kansas City—e[b]

    Key to the Highway—A–

    Knock on Wood—c—Otis Redding

    Knocking heaven’s door—g–b Dyl

    Let’s Dance—-Bbm—David Bowie

    Letter—am—Joe Cocker

    Little Wing—e—Jimi Hendrix-

    Locomotion—c—Little Eva

    Long Tall Sally —E—Little Richard

    Louie Louie—a—King

    Mary Jane’s Last Dance—a—T Petty

    Mercy Mercy Mercy-c—C Adderley

    Midnight Hour-C(Bb)—-Wilson Picket

    Midnight Rider-c—Allmans key of D for guitar

    Miss You———-d—————–Stone

    Moondance am—Van Morison

    Move It On Over–g–George Thorogood

    Mustang Sally—-C—Wilson Pickett

    My Girl—-C——————-Temptations

    New York, New York—E—Sinatra

    No Matter What—g—Badfinger

    No Woman No Cry—c—Bob Marley

    Nobody Knows You —C—-Eric Clapton

    Not Fade Away—a—

    NY….c….Alecia Keys

    Oh Darling——————–E—-Beatles

    Old Time Rock and Roll—c-,,B Seegar

    On Broadway—-f,f#,g————–4

    One Way Out—A—Allmanj Brothers


    Ooh Baby Baby—Smokey Robinson

    Out of This Alive—E—Wacker, Checker

    Paint It Black—-Rolling Stones

    Peppermint Twist—c—Joey Dee

    Play that Funky Music WB—e–Wild Cherry

    Pretty Woman———-a-[e]—-Roy Orbison

    Pride and Joy—-e—SR Vaughn

    Proud Mary-d–Credence Clearwater

    Ready For Love–a—Bad Company

    Red House————-Jimi Hendrix

    Riders on the Storm—Dm—Doors

    Roadhouse Blues—–e–Doors

    Rock & Roll Hootcie Coo—A Derringer

    Rock This Town——–c——-Stray Cats

    Rock+Roll Music—d–Beatles

    Rock+Roll——-g————Led Zeppelin key A for gtr

    Rockin’ Pneumonia—-c

    Rocky Mountain Way—e-Joe Walsh

    Satisfaction—e—Rolling Stones

    Save The Last Dance e——Drifters

    Saw Her Standing There—e—Beatles

    Shake Rattle and Roll—E—Bill Haley

    She CameThru Bthroom Win–aBeatles

    Shout—-c-Isley Bros

    Sissy Strut—c–Meters

    Smoke on the Water—g–Deep Purple

    Some kinda Wonderful—c—Joss Stone

    Something C Beatles

    Soul Man—e-Sam& Dave

    Soul Sacrifice—-am—Santana


    Stand By Me——-g———Ben E King

    Steamroller Blues—Elvis Presley

    Still Got t Blues f You-c [dm]Robin Ford

    Stormy Monday—-G-Allan Brothers

    Stroll/Run, Hide–E-Fats Domino

    Stuck in the Middle—c—Stealers Wheel

    Suffragette City-a [e]—–David Bowie

    Sugar Pie Honey Bunch—-g—–4

    Summer of 69—c—Bryan Ad


    Sunshine of Yr Love———–Cream

    Superstitious——E—-Stevie Wonder

    Suzy Q—e-Credence Clearwate

    Sweet Home Alabama—Lynard Skynard

    Sweet Home Chicago—a

    Sweet Little 16—d—Chuck Berry

    Sympathy for the Devil—C#m—Rolling Stones

    This Love—-am—Maroon 5

    Thrill is Gone—g—BB King

    Tighten Up—A—Archie B

    To See Yourself as Others-C-FredWe

    TWIST & SHOUT—–c-Isley Bros

    Twist—e———–Chubby Checker

    Twisting the Night Away—A—Sm Cook

    Under the Boardwalk—G–Drifters

    Up on the roof—–f—–Drifters

    Use Me Up—e—Bill Withers

    Waiting on the World to Change —a

    Way [the]—f#m—Fastball

    We Gotta Get Out of This Place—e–Animals

    What’s Going On—–g— Marvin Gaye

    While My Guitar—–Beatles

    Whipping Post am—-Allmans

    White Room———-Cre

    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On—c–Jerry Lee Lewis

    Why Does Love Got to be So Sad?-am-clapton

    Wild Horses—g—Rolling Stones

    Will You Still Love me Tomorrow? A–Shirrelles

    Wind Cries Mary—F-(Eb)Jimi Hendr


    You Can Leave Your Hat On—c—Joe Cocker

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want-c-Stones

    You Really Got Me–g—————Kinks

    You’ve Lost Loving Feeling-Righteous Bros

    Young Blood—–a————-Coasters

    Your Cheating Heart—-e—Hank Williams

    You’ve Got to Lover—Bm–Wacker

  • Damaged News

    Hiatus is over
    Schedules have been tough. Everybody’s been touring. While this is generally good thing, Collateral Damage’s had to resort to rehearsing for the next gig: Big Billy’s. An hour long show March 17, from 8:30-9:30. $5 at the door. Then they will stay around to help to host the Uptown Jam. Want to jam with the band? That’s the night. Two nights later, they play the world-famous Bayou in Mt Vernon, March 19 at 10:30 PM.

    While Collateral Damage’s been working on an album of songs that they like to jam on. It’s sounding great, and should be done in six months or so.


  • The History Of Collateral Damage

    The story of Collateral Damage is long and twisted. Unlike so many other surprises born right after 9/11, Collateral Damage is a good thing. Seems crazy; now, but then, NYC was a ghost town. Loud noises might be bombs.

    People were expecting another one. They didn’t go out. Then one day in October, Jim was having dinner in an uptown restaurant, Hopping Jalepenòs. He’d been seeing the emptiness around him and thought, ‘We’ should get out of our houses and take this city back.

    How about a weeklJW CD WT Image.1y jam of all the musicians who are out of work thanks to 9/11?’ –not quite ‘Give me liberty or give me death.” but it seemed like a big deal back then. The owner of HJ’s, John Horan, liked the idea more and more as the night wore on and soon the Uptown Jam was born.

    Jim got three of the best musicians he knew–John Dejiulio [(drums), Phil Hubbard (guitar, bass), and Dave Hamburger (bass) to be house band, that first Tuesday night in november 2001. People in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx, started coming out of their hovels. And staying late. Really Late. Recent live performance of “my Girl”:


    Pretty soon the place was a stop for touring bands coming through NYC. It’s location, just steps from the end of the “A” train, sometimes made it the refuge of those escaping the disneyfication of some areas of the city.

    A contender for funkiest (possibly dangerous) bar outside of a star wars movie, featuring the not-rare homeless customer trying to get warm and use the bathroom before heading back south on the “A”., which had none. Despite this, it started drawing from Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, even Long Island -and not just the homeless.

    This was before there was a jam on every block–for which Jim has mixed feelings, ”in fact, I think I have to take some of the blame for the current good-musicians-who-should-be-getting-highly-paid-but-playing-for-free jam-night virus. But there is sometimes a divide between art and commerce. And sometimes you’ve got to serve the art.”





    Soon, the Jalepenos were hopping. The Uptown Jam’s house band took the name, “Jim Wacker and Collateral Damage”–after the trail of destruction they left. As the years went by, and guys had to go on the road or become a monk or something, some other great musician was always there to take his place.

    The line-up changed almost every week for a while, but eventually it gelled into the perfect mayhem that you see and he are at a Jim Wacker and Collateral Damage show. Jim says,”It’s a very organic way to put together a band, but we were just lucky, really.” This lineup’s been together for about 8 years. In that time, they’ve put together the truly “rockingest band in the city”.



    From jazz to country, funk to punk to styles they invent themselves. You can generally catch them on the the first Tuesday of the month at the Westchester Tavern at 641McLean Ave, Yonkers, 1 block west of the NY Thruway exit, and where, with tons of help from guest stars they generally tock a fairly full house, but occasionally end up with 2 pair.

    Collateral Damage live at the Westchester.For the last 14 years, they’ve been hosting the Uptown Jam every week, gradually assembling to rockingest band in town.


  • Jim Wacker (vocals and keyboards)




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